Special Offers

Please feel free to take advantage of our current special offers. Remember the special price you pay for one of these will remain the same until you choose to upgrade or downgrade your plan: so that could be for as long as your site exists with us!

Opening Offer:
To celebrate the launch of Sequin Studio we're offering a 10% reduction on all services for a limited time only. All new prices are shown in Red. Simply place an order and your discount will be applied automatically.
This offer does not apply to domain registrations.

Student Special
If you are just entering your chosen profession and have recently graduated from a recognised college, our packages may be a little too large for you needs. With this in mind we have created The Student Special.

The Student Special is The Set Up, but on a smaller web hosting hosting plan. So instead of 10 gb disk space with 100 gb data transfer (bandwidth) you get 2 gb disk space with 20 gb data transfer, which is more than enough to support a new website while still allowing for the site to grow. To take advantage of this offer simply type 'student' when you fill in the box marked 'purpose of the site'

£120 £108 for the first year and £60 £54 p/a after that.