Site Skinning:

Skinning is where a site has two or more layouts/designs and the user chooses which one they see when they visit. Providing various colour schemes or completely different designs is something that is still rare and will set your site apart. Mellifluous Marilyn is a good example of skins in action and it's been one of the features highlighted by other sites as making the site worth a visit. Skinning uses php header and footer files and utilisies cookies to store the visitors choice of design in their web browser ready for their next visit.

If you have several layouts ready and would like to skin your web site but don't know how, I can help. I will implement skinning on your site: convert to php and strip content from design with CSS if needed, edit all the files necessary and provide you with a tutorial so you can add your own skins later.

�20 �18 per hour.