Site Maintenance:

Updates to your site will be carried out either once a month or once a week, dependant on there being new information/data available. You simply send me your new information/data on disk through the post or via email and I will add it to your site at the next update.

Each site update includes:

  • Addition of any new information to the News/Updates page.
  • Editting Biographical information.
  • Updating the CV with any latest projects.
  • The addition of up to 50 photos to a pre-existing Photo Gallery.
  • The addition of up to 3 multimedia files. They can be any combination of audio and visual material. *
  • Adding new information to other pages already existing.
  • If necessary, upgrading any scripts to the latest stable release (Clients on The Full Monty package only).

* The quality of Audio/Visual material is best if sent on disk.

Monthly site updates: �60 �54 per year or �5 �4.50 per month.
Weekly site updates: �180 �162 per year or �20 �18 per month.