Are there any other sites I need to know about?

If you are a performer wishing to get your work to the widest audience possible, there are several other free networking sites it may be worth your while getting to know and joining. All of the following have the advantage of being linked to large communities of people so you have a ready made audience. Don't forget to add a link back to your official website, if you have one, as everyone will want to know more about you when they've seen your work.

MySpace - Famous social networking site. They're currently looking for a director to work with a large Hollywood studio on an as yet unwritten movie and will be auditioning actors via the site later too. It's not the first film to be cast via this medium either. Daniel Myrick, director of 'The Blair Witch Project', has used this method too.
It is estimated that between 9% to 14% of all internet users are using Myspace, at the time of writing that stands at more than 161 million accounts worldwide. And that number is increasing all the time.

Youtube - Famous video sharing site. An excellent way to promote yourself, you can perform to thousands across the globe without leaving your home.
According to Wikiepedia, Youtube has almost 20 million visitors per month with a demongraphic spread of 56/44 male/female with the 12- to 17-year-old age group being dominant. YouTube commands up to 64% of the UK online video market. Just think of the audience potential.

Cafepress - Allows you to create your own mechandising and even sell your own CDs with minimal effort. You upload your images or MP3s and Cafepress will then make and ship your chosen merchandise specially for every order, sending you a cut of the profits. A really easy and hassle-free way to earn a little extra whilst promoting yourself or your brand.