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What are my Paths?

Path to Sendmail: /usr/sbin/sendmail


I've ordered a hosting plan, what now?

On receipt of your order an e-mail will be sent containing details of how to pay and asking for any necessary information.This will be followed, once payment has been received, by a further email containing your account details.
We will endeavour to set up new accounts within 48 hrs. However, unforeseen circumstances can result in a delay.


I've paid for my account and uploaded my files, why can't I see my site?

It could be because you have uploaded your files to the wrong directory; everything must be put inside / to be visible. It could also be because your nameservers haven't propagated yet. After you point your domain to our nameservers it can take up to 24/48 hours for them to fully take effect, so until they've resolved you won't be able to see your site via your domain name.