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Why do I need a Web Site?

Well, the simple answer is that no one needs a web site. However, they are very useful things to possess: not only do they allow you to showcase yourself to any potential employer around the world they also act as a focal point for your fans to gather, generating a fanbase which in turn can fuel your career.

In the last 10 years the growth of the internet has taken everyone, bar a few techie geeks, by surprise. Almost every employer you encounter will have internet access and be using it on a regular basis. Your own web site helps to demonstrate how serious you are about your career giving you an even more professional polish and adds another prong to your advertising blitz on agents, casting directors etc, thus helping you to increase your earning potential.


I've found lots of other design services like yours for a similar or much smaller price, what makes you different?

What make Sequin Studio different? Oh, that's tricky. Well for a start, I'd say the fact that being a freelancer and not a large company makes me slightly different. I want to make your website-owning experience as good as it can be by offering a friendly and individual service. You know that you're always going to be talking to the same person who'll know your needs. It also means there'll be a continuity of style in your web site updates and edits.

I offer a large amount of space for your site to grow. 10 gigabytes of space, that's over 10200mb. To put it into another context, it's one third of a Video iPod's storage. Some companies offer as little as 2mb! You'd never have to worry about upgrading later. All your news items can been archived, your blogs can be saved, your image gallery can become huge, you can even have an area for your fans without worrying.

We don't offer and consequently don't charge for Google Search Engine submission. Google index all properly coded web sites on the internet each week so submitting a site isn't necessary. Sounds like a negative but it just means we're not charging for uneccessary extras. Of course there are some sites that require submission, many of those we do automatically and free of charge, but google isn't one of them.

Your web site is hosted on it's own account, it's not a subdomain of ours. Meaning if something unfortunate happens to our site or one of clients it's unlikely to affect everyone else.

I code to current internationally recognised web standards. Not those of 1999 but those of today. All my sites are valid, semantic and correctly nested meaning they resolve and display as they should in as many browsers and across as many platforms as possible. Every year, as part of the maintenance plan, I check and update all of your web site's coding to ensure it stays up-to-date.


How do I pay?

There is currently only one method of payment: Paypal. It's fast, easy to use and, most importantly, secure. Once you've signed up, the site allows you to make and receive payments in any currency to and from your credit card or even bank account with the security of dealing with an international business rather than just with me.

Payment is made in two tiers: A 40% deposit is required before I will commence work, half of which is non-refundable. This does not include the purchase of domain names, which are all non-refundable. Upon completion of the project, the remaining 60% is due before the web site goes live.


Can I pay Monthly?

Other than for Site Maintenance, monthly payments are not an option at the moment. However, our aim is to please so if you would prefer to pay by the month please contact me and we'll discuss it further.


How do I contact you?

Whether you are an existing client or just visiting for the first time, if you wish to contact me you can use the contact form provided. Or send an email directly to