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Can you explain your 'house style'?

A large numbers of websites rely on enormous graphics for everything or fancy bells and whistles. All look marvellous, slick and expensive. They are a joy to surf: providing you have a fast enough internet connection, the right software pre-installed or can be bothered to up to spend 30 minutes downloading it. And that's not even taking mobile devices and disabled visitors into consideration.

Which is why we believe in accessibility and our 'house style' is one of stylish simplicity. We can't see the point in forcing visitors to download or upgrade special applications because most of the time the visitor won't do it: they'll leave instead. Why fork out for a fancy site if visitors, your potential clients or employers, leave quickly?

Our sites are proof that multi-media websites can be accessible to text-readers and mobile devices without compromising on style or losing visitors to frustration.


I've ordered a package, what happens now?

Step 1: Once I receive your order form, I will reply with a short questionnaire to get a good idea of what you have in mind and would like from your site. If necessary, eg if you ordered a custom package, this is when we'll negotiate and fix the price. I will estimate how long the project will take. This step may be repeated until I am confident I understand your needs.
Step 2: You'll send me a deposit and all the data (pictures, necessary details etc) required on disk through the post or via email. I'll then start work.
Step 3: Once I've created a provisional layout and done any content copywriting, I will send it to you for your approval.
Step 4: I'll make any necessary amendments and re-submit the site for your approval. This step will be repeated up to 4 times until you are satisifed. Further edits will obviously affect the completion date and may incur charges for my time at my hourly rates. Currently �20.
Step 5: When I've finished the site to your satisfaction, send me the remainder of the payment and you'll receive your finished project. In the case of The Full Monty & The Set Up I'll send you all the information you need to run your email address + site and your domain will go live on the web! The site will only go live when I have received full payment. For other design projects I will either install the design for you or send you the necessary files in a .zip file. For copywriting, I will email you the copy.


How long before my site is up and running?

We aim to have your site up and running within 24 hours of receipt of full payment, and we aim to complete the design process within 4-6 weeks. However, this is dependant on the complexity of the job as well as the number amendments, commissions and other factors that may be beyond our control.


Why does the design process take 4-6 weeks?

Each project has different requirements, while some are relatively speedy to complete others take longer. 4-6 weeks allows for delays in email contact, gives time to hand-coded from scratch as there are no time-saving templates used here.

I also prefer to give my full attention to each project, working on one thing at a time. While most sites are completed in less time, allowing myself 4-6 weeks to complete the design process means you won't be disappointed.


I already have an account at ... can it be integrated with my website?

Of ourse. If you already have a web presence with one of the large social networks or community sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal, Flickr,, MySpace, Youtube and would like it to be incorporated into your own website just let us know while Sequin Studio is designing your site we will integrate it into your design.